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Our Secret

At The Foresight Forum we foster new thinking and eliminate uncertainty through future-proofed strategies. We use our proprietary method ‘Huddles’ to profile consumers from around the world and identify underlying patterns that will affect consumer demand, perception and behaviour. Through our 500 ‘Huddles’ and over 40,000 surveys with retailers yearly we enable you to assess, analyse and measure your risk within your brand, consumer or organisation. 


All our Foresights and Key Takeaways are filtered through a thorough process that we call the Foresight Cycle. This unique process consists of 4 key stages - Observation, Intuition, Investigation and Estimation. The observation stage includes a 360 examination of external trends, followed by a deep investigation where we speak to experts, consumers and KOL’s to ask the right questions and further verify our findings. We then combine these findings with our intuition and quantitative data to deliver actionable strategies. 

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