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Discover opportunities for tomorrow that can be applied to your business today through our comprehensive trend reports

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The Next Big Thing in Food Packaging: Bio Materials

Read about the next big thing in packaging - As businesses increasingly report that most of their consumers are raising questions about their packaging and efforts to be more environmentally conscious, only organisations who choose to make the switch will survive. 

Macro Trends

Macro Trends 2020-22

A comprehensive overview of 10 shifts in behavioural patterns today that will dictate decisions tomorrow - along with over 50 case studies, related micro trends and key takeaways for how these trends can be applied to your business. 

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The Next Big Thing in Physical  Retail: Sensorial Activation

Read about the next big thing in retail - as online shopping continues to accelerate, the role of physical retail is continuously being challenged. Shoppers no longer need physical stores as products become accessible at their fingertips.

SS22 Womenswear Handbook_The Foresight F

Spring Summer '22
Womenswear Fashion

A detailed breakdown of all key womenswear trends for Spring Summer 2022 with early concepts for materials, silhouettes and colours along with actionable recommendations and key takeaways. 

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