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Partner with us to build future-proof digital commerce strategies through consumer-centric insights & stay ahead of the competition. 

Our Services

We provide consulting and market research services based on your unique digital commerce needs. 

Consumer Insights

Gain a competitive edge with our customer insights services. We provide in-depth consumer reports, market research and consumer behaviour analysis to help you understand your target audience and build strategies that resonate with them.

Trend Forecasting

Drive product development decisions with our trend forecasting abilities. We analyse data across various touch-points - social media, fashion / trade shows, image recognition softwares and AI driven tools to catch the latest trends before anyone else. 

Speciality: Fashion, Beauty, Food, Lifestyle

Omni Channel Strategy

Transform your brand's digital presence with our omni-channel strategies. We offer expert guidance on building social commerce revenue streams to optimise your offering to help you reach the most customers. Learn how to incorporate new technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to enhance your customer experiences. 

Our Happy Clients

Ecommerce Manager, Luxottica

"The team at The Foresight Forum not only provided us with a comprehensive plan on how to tackle social commerce, but also helped us understand the market and the opportunities available to us."
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